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The Allure 10"

Image of the Allure 10 Inch

Tired of that old mattress? With an improved design incorporating a unique comfort enhancing non-woven fabric separator layer, the Allure 10" is state of the art sleep technology. Look forward to climbing into bed with 10 inches of bliss. Upgrade to something better with its premium memory material top and high-density construction. Perfect for any well furnished home or apartment, this pressure-relieving, body-temperature sensitive, comfortable viscoelastic memory material mattress will give you the best sleep of your life. No more tossing and turning. Finally get the restful rejuvenating sleep you crave. Buy one and Sleep like a baby; You deserve it!


Image of the Allure 10 Inch Layers
  • A fabric cover made of Double Jacquard with square quilting
  • A 1.0"-thick 100% premium-viscoelastic square quilted memory material primary top layer
  • A 30g Non-woven fabric, which supports the primary layer, and creates an extra-comfortable pillow top effect
  • A Glassfiber fire-safe barrier inner cover to make sure you're always safe
  • A 2.0"-thick 100% premium-viscoelastic memory material secondary top layer
  • A 7.0"-thick InnovativeResponse base layer constructed to optimize air-flow and support
  • A Non-Slip fabric protector for the bottom of your mattress to make sure it stays clean and in place

As with all our mattresses you get:

  • Our Premium top layer made of superior quality 100% Viscoelastic high-density memory material
  • Body-temperature sensitive technology that immediately responds to the specific heat of your body as you lay down and rest
  • Pressure molding memory structure, precisely conforming to your every curve
  • Open celled construction, allowing warm air to flow through the bed keeping you comfortable
  • 8 - 10 second memory recovery time, providing maximum body contact
  • Our 99% Hypoallergenic cover prevents dust mites from reaching our mattress
  • A dust mite resistant mattress -- Unlike inner-spring mattresses, the Eloquence 8" is not a food source for dust mites!
  • Affordable prices perfect for students and savvy shoppers; You pay only 20% of the price of the 'leading brand'

PLUS, with the Allure 10" you're also getting:

An increased base layer to provide you with:

  • A greater degree of temperature control (keeping you cooler or warmer as necessary)
  • Increased and further optimized airflow
  • Augmented support to the essential memory material layer

A luxurious pillow top to provide you with:

  • An even greater degree of comfort
  • An even softer feel when you lay down
  • And an even more supple surface to support and cushion your every part
Image of the Allure 10 Inch


This mattress has it all: 100% premium viscoelastic material, a specially designed non-woven fabric optimization layer, and a memory material pillow top. Providing optimal airflow and sensitive to your body's own heat, this re-designed mattress improves upon previous technology. Eliminating pressure points AND your dust mite allergens, you will wake less often during the night, get deeper more recuperating sleep, and awake more refreshed each day.

An affordable way to get the sleep technology everyone is talking about. Made with virtually the same viscoelastic temperature sensitive memory material you've probably seen advertised on TV, this amazingly helpful mattress will improve your quality of sleep, and life. Sleep like a baby; You deserve it!

  • Heat sensitive and pressure relieving, conforms to your own body
  • Helps reduce allergies and increases nighttime rest
  • Very competitively priced at LESS than most inner spring mattresses, and SIGNIFICANTLY higher quality
  • Affordable state-of-the-art technology at 20% of the leading brand's price -- you get the lowest price possible based on our cost