The Mattress Secret

Anatomic Global FXI

The Eco Classic 9"

Image of the Eco Classic 9 Inch

The Eco Signature 10"

Image of the Eco Signature 10 Inch

The Eco Supreme 12"

Image of the Eco Supreme 12 Inch

The Anatomic Global Difference

What Separates Anatomic Global from our other brands?

Here's a message from the company:

"All sleepers are not created equal."

"That’s why we won’t rest until everyone can rest equally well."

"So, why buy a mattress from us?"

"Well, to begin, we offer four mattress collections - each one designed to give all-night comfort and support for a wide variety of sleep styles. Chances are you’ll find your perfect sleep on one of them."

"There’s also the fact that decades ago we pioneered the use of memory foam in mattresses. We call it Variable Pressure Foam Technology or VPFSM Technology. They gave us patents for it. And you’ll get your best night’s sleep because of it."

"VPFSM Technology lets us create mattress layers under constant, controlled and specifically selected pressures for the most scientifically unique blend of comfort and support properties in foam. And it’s the most environmentally friendly foam process on the planet. So when you’re on one of our mattresses, your mind can rest as easily as your body."

"Bottom line: We make mattresses unlike any others on the market, so you get rest unlike you’ve ever rested before."

"Welcome to a new world of comfort and rest."