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Best Investment I Could Have Made For My Health

"I must say that this is my first ever testimonial after many online purchases. I have had back pain for years now but nothing a trip to the chiropractor once every eight months wouldn't help. Now recently I had an injury at the gym, which had my back hurting enough to go once a week. I came to a point where I was ok after leaving the chiropractor but after a night's sleep I would wake up sore in my lower back, it would go away during the day but never totally. So that's why I wanted to try the dream series 10-inch mattress. Soon as I lay down for the night I could tell there was a difference, there was no pressure or strain on my back. I woke with no fatigue or heavy pain, and getting out of the bed was awesome for once. This purchase was the best investment I could have made for my health." Craig C., Moreno Valley, CA

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Life Changing

"This mattress has changed my life! I have always tossed and turned during sleep yet with this mattress I ALWAYS sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. I never thought it would make such a difference but now I can't live without this mattress. I am still saying that 2 years later! Everyone should have a Primo dream collection mattress!" Anna M., Shelburne, MA

Asleep Faster

"Hello, I would like to tell you that since I received this mattress, my sleep has improved dramatically. I am now able to get into a comfortable position and fall asleep faster that when I had a regular mattress. I cant imagine how I slept through the night without this. Thank you so much." Cheng K., Somerset, NJ

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No Difference

"I can find no difference whatsoever between [The Mattress Secret] memory foam and the over-priced 'Thermopedic'. I think it's great that there's a way to get a terrific mattress without being ripped off." Gail S., Montville, NJ

Back Saver

"I have always suffered back pain as a result of my work. Moving heavy stones and landscaping really takes a toll on your back. When I got my new Primo Dream Collection mattress my back pain went away. I was amazed at how much this mattress helped my body rest and relax at night. Thank you Primo!! Once you go dream collection you never go back!" Christopher M., Amherst, MA