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The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Primopedic

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A Decreased Amount of Night Time Wakings

A viscoelastic mattress from easily solves two of the most common complaints by consumers today: That they're too hot or that they're uncomfortable. Pressure point caused by inner spring and conventional foam mattresses can not only be painful during the night, preventing you from getting deep, restful sleep, but they can also create a sustained and lasting pain during the day. If you wake up with chronic back or neck pain, then maybe it's time for a change. The open-celled technology of memory material allows air to flow freely through the mattress and conform to your body (even in the hollows of your natural back's curve), this allows for greater support and reduced pressure points. And incredibly, this very same airflow is the reason why a memory material mattress has superior temperature control. By letting the warm air easily pass from any part of your body into the room, you will sleep more comfortably and therefore awake more rested.

Sleep Quality Greatly Improved

I don't know about you, but before I had my memory mattress, when I heard my alarm go off in the mourning, it felt like heaven to push snooze even 1 more time. I craved sleep and constantly tried to get more. Whether it was a quick nap during the day, or a short snooze while at work, at every opportunity I had, I wanted to sleep. But that all changed when I finally slept on my new mattress. After just a few nights, I truly noticed the difference. Not only did I have more energy throughout the day, but I would wake up feeling refreshed and energized (and I still do). What's more, I know why I feel so much better. I'm not constantly tossing and turning all night trying to find a comfortable position. Instead, jumping out of bed in the mourning, pain-free, I'm now up in time to eat breakfast with my father and drive to work at a 'safer' speed.

Thanks again to the way the amazing little open cells cradle your every part, tossing and turning at night is virtually eliminated. This allows you to stay in the same position longer and thus fall into a deeper REM sleep. Concurrently, when sleeping with a partner, motion is not transferred across the bed so that if youdohave to move or get up, the other person is none the wiser. And when you get back into bed or turn onto your stomach, you’re still completely comfortable: the amazing memory foam slowly springs back into the optimally comfortable position re-adjusting and conforming to your curves.

The Visco and the Elastic of the Memory Material

Although its commonly called viscoelastic material, I'm often surprised that many people don't really understand how it go that name. The answer is simple and beneficial. Due to it's body temperature specific sensitive properties, as the material touches your skin and 'feels' the heat of your body, it automatically softens, that is, becomes more elastic; this allows for a softer, more comfortable, and more supportive feel. Yet as the distance between you the material increases, as in foam that’s deeper into the bedding or that’s farther away to your left or right, the material is cooler and thus becomes more viscous, that is, firm. This unique ability means that you are cushioned without sinking into your mattress to the point where it is uncomfortable to rollover. This, again, means that less effort is exerted while sleeping and a deep sleep and, indeed, better quality sleep can be achieved each night.

Allergy Relief at Last!

Like millions of other Americans, I suffer from year-round and seasonal allergies. And one of the prime culprits in my allergy attacks is the dust mite. Feeding on and living in the material used in inner spring beds and conventional pillows, these microscopic creatures cause all sorts of problems. Yet with ALL the mattresses available from, all this changes. Not only does the memory material we use in our mattresses NOT provide a food source or living conditions for the dust mites but ALSO, each mattress comes with and is covered by a 99% Hypo-allergenic cover, designed to eliminate stress and pressure from allergies. And, as someone who has been truly crippled from allergies in the past, I can personally say that sleeping on a mattress made of this revolutionary material eliminates my allergic reactions and lets me get a good, sound night's sleep. My irritated itchy eyes are gone and my sinuses and nasual passages are more open, relaxed, and free of congestion. Fantastic.

Want to Sleep 6 Hours and Feel like You've Slept 9?

For any one of us, time is precious. You have to take care of yourself, go into work each day, do housework and cleaning, first prepare, and then eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, work out, have a social life, do the laundry, and SOMEWHERE in there, get some sleep. Unfortunately for most people, although the responsibilities change, they never go away. That's why its so important that the little time you DO get to sleep each night is as restful as possible (be it only 3 hours because your newborn was up all night, or a more modest 6 hours because you were going out to dinner with your friends and still had some things to take care of at home when you got back home). The point is that sometimes you simply CANNOT get more sleep; and in these tough situations, our only option is to fall asleep quickly and get as much deep restful and recuperating sleep as possible. And with all of our viscoelastic memory material mattress, this is truly possible. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons I started this company in the first place: I think that everyone is ENTITLED to get the most out of their rest so that they can boast their performance in their careers and have the energy that they (and the people around them) want them to have while NOT having to sacrifice their social life. Buy a mattress now and see the difference for yourself!

Eliminate neck and back pain, sleep better, and wake up more refreshed each day!