The Mattress Secret

Allassea Sleep Systems Features and Benefits

Allassea (al-luh-sa-uh)

  • Purchased Only From ISO 9002 Factories (highest quality standards)
  • Certified Foam Products Only (ensuring both consistency in quality and recovery)
  • Implements Natural Additives - Innovative Ultra Fresh, Active Charcoal, Organic Cotton, Tencel, and Silk; This ensures a fresh and healthy mattress, which means the elimination of dust mites, mold, fungus, bacteria, odor, etc. (Please see the icons in the Allassea Sleep Systems Features section.)
  • Uses Natural ticking to create a cooler sleep surface
  • Incorporates TENCEL into its ticking, making it extremely difficult for bedbugs to penetrate your mattress
  • Shrink wrapped and sealed, translating into a Fresher mattress when you open it in your home
  • Created using the exclusive GELLUTION process, making for a cooler sleeping mattress
  • Able to be shipped virtually anywhere (via FED‐X or UPS) - Directly to your home for FREE!
  • Visco Gel Foam Benefits Image
    Visco Gel Foam

    is memory foam that is infused with cool micro gel beads to provide maximum body pressure relief and a cooler sleeping environment. This creates more comfort, support, and enhanced relaxation. As a result, the person sleeping on the Visco Gel Foam awakens more refreshed, energized, and rested.

  • Active Charcoal Benefits Image
    Active Charcoal

    filters out harmful elements and gasses and controls odor. It is also a drying agent that has the ability to fight mold, mildew, and the buildup of moisture in the mattress.

  • Tencel Benefits Image

    is a natural based man-made product that is easy to maintain, sleeps cooler, absorbs moisture, and resists bacteria and bed bugs.

  • Ventilated Circulation Benefits Image
    Ventilated Circulation

    limits the build up of body heat transfer from the mattress surface, providing a cooled sleeping environment.

  • Organic Cotton Benefits Image
    Organic Cotton

    is an environmentally healthy, cool, moisture absorbing material. It reduces skin irritation, respiratory problems, allergies, and harmful odors while providing freshness and long lasting durability.

  • Compressed Vacuum Packaging Benefits Image
    Compressed Vacuum Packaging

    increases the ease and efficiency of delivery while protecting the mattress from mold, mildew, and damage.

  • Silk Benefits Image

    is a natural fiber that has unsurpassed strength and absorption properties. It is soft to the touch and allows for increased comfort in both hot and cold climate conditions. Silk resists soiling & wrinkles, dries quickly, and naturally eliminates odors.

  • Bed Bugs Beware Benefits Image
    Bed Bugs Beware

    Scientific studies have shown the reduction of bed bug infestation with the use of Tencel, Silpur, Ultra Fresh, and Certified Foam. Although it is extremely difficult to kill bed bugs, the use of advanced technology insures bed bug resistance and a clean, fresh sleeping environment.

  • Certified Foam Benefits Image
    Certified Foam

    is foam that is tested to meet or exceed industry quality and safety standards for increased durability, reduced emissions, elimination of contaminants, and consistency of dependability.

  • ICE Foam Benefits Image
    ICE Foam

    (Integrated Comfort Experience) is a memory foam heat sensitive technology designed to maximize the reduction of body pressure and encourages cool sleeping comfort.

  • Ultra Fresh Benefits Image
    Ultra Fresh

    is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal that fights mold and mildew to keep the mattress fresh and clean, providing longer lasting purity and better performance.