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Terms and Conditions on 20 year Limited Warranties

Primo International is proud to offer you the same 20 year limited warranty on your new Dream Collection Viscoelastic Mattress. We are proud of the quality and comfort we can offer you and wish you many years of divine rest, after all, you deserve it!

High Density Viscose Mattresses: 10/10 Pro-Rated Warranty:

Primo International guarantees that your mattress is received free of defect and / or poor workmanship. If during the first 10 years of purchase there is a defect, Primo International will exchange or repair the mattress, at our discretion. Upon the (11) eleventh year, if a defect arises, Primo International will exchange or repair the model based on a pro-rated cost of 50% the cost for the first year, then at a rate of (5) percent for each additional year.

What is covered?

  1. A certain softening and/or loss of automatic response recovery is to be expected, and is not considered a defect.
  2. Up to 7/8" of an inch body impression can occur in your viscose mattress and should not be considered a defect.
  3. There is a 1 year warranty on the velour cover; pertaining to workmanship.
  4. *(Damages incurred by cleaning / washing other than by the suggestion dry cleaning code is not covered in the warranty).
  5. All mattresses should be used with a foundation. It is not required that the foundation be a matching set, however mattresses used without any foundations are at a higher risk for damages, and therefore are reduced to half the original warranty.
  6. The warranty is guaranteed to the original purchaser only.
  7. Mattresses deemed to have been subjected to intense or abusive situations will void the warranty.
  8. Mattresses that have been subjected to unhygienic conditions or that have become soiled are not covered and cannot be replaced or repaired.